At Gobar, it’s about getting everything right for our Customers – our excellence and execution approach has enabled us to completely integrate the entire manufacturing process under one roof; from Design to Delivery.

Gobar belief is that Quality products are created in the Engineering, Design and Tooling processes. Such belief has made Gobar to continuously drive a Quality focus deeper into the Company, across all areas – from Design and Engineering to Manufacturing, Sales and Delivery.

As an IATF certified company, Gobar is committed to total Quality. Gobar is proud to have completed and attained IATF certifications.

This proud commitment to Total Quality has granted Gobar Systems Inc. annual recognition awards such as:

• Pinnacle Award for Supplier Excellence – Delphi Corporation.

• Supplier Excellence Award – Autoliv.

Global Markets demands complete solutions. Gobar is a proudly business partner of Customers such as:


Because at Gobar Systems Inc., the Customer is put first in everything we do.


Gobar Systems Inc. has extensive measurement capabilities in order to ensure parts meet our Customer’s Quality expectations.

Coordinate Measuring Machine CMM

Inspection Gages for individual parts

Optical and 3D Vision Systems for Part inspection

Testing Equipment for Raw Material Properties

GOBAR Journey for Zero Defects
Por: Fernando Bernal

GOBAR Zero Defects Readiness: Culture Transformation

Problem Solving with the Eight Disciplines
Por: Fernando Bernal

A method for solving quality problems, known as the “Eight Disciplines”.

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