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Impact of Laser Technology at GOBAR
Acquiring our laser scanning equipment got us better prepared to serve our customers and make our lives easier when it comes to solving problems.
By: Ing. Carlos Mendoza | Lunes 25 de Enero de 2016

It took Gobar Systems a couple of years to decide to invest in scanning technology because at the beginning we could not find the right applications for those new technologies in our facilities. Even at this moment the quality of our products is being evaluated according to a 2D part print.

Nevertheless, we knew that sooner or later we would be left behind if we did not start using those new ideas that for sure will revolutionize the entire world, so, we said, it is time to invest some money, start our learning curve and not complain later because of lack of action on these matters.

Two years ago, we decided to acquire our scanning equipment and started looking for some appropriate applications. First thing we did, was trying to compare our laser scanning equipment with the CMM. We realized that, at least so far, the accuracy of the CMM is greater than that of the laser equipment. Somehow, this fact lowered our spirits, but since at GOBAR we do not like giving up, we started looking for ways to improve the accuracy of our laser scanning readings. By doing some research, we now have more reliable readings out of our scanning equipment when it comes to measuring parts from the stamping press. Also, when we need to make tool drawings out of, tools we have no data of, we can combine laser scanning with CMM readings in order to make die details with very tight tolerances.

Believe it or not, one of the most impressive benefits of our laser scanning equipment has been virtual communication in order to make important decisions.

When we are dealing with problems related to complex parts, 2D measurements do not tell you the whole picture. Meanwhile, scanned parts give you valuable information that leads you to find the true cause of the problem, and the bigger and more complex the situation is, the more scanned results become valuable.

Just to give you a little taste, lets say that you received a new tool from your partner overseas and the results are not as you expected. How could you put reliable sample parts in the hands of your partner in a couple of hours? There would be no way to do so without scanning the problematic part, transforming the point cloud into virtual metal, and sending the virtual sample to your partner through the internet at no cost. In the conventional way, you would have had to schedule the tool in the press, run the physical parts, prepare customs documentation, and send the sample to your partner. In the best case scenario, it would have taken four to five days to achieve your goal with an extra shipping cost, including the risk of transportation damage.

With these thoughts in mind, we think we have achieved our goal of being prepared for the coming future, where the customers will start asking for parts being measured against a 3D model, instead of a 2D printed layout.




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